Friday, January 29, 2010

Kenny Chesney ft. Dave Matthews - "I'm Alive"

I love this song.
I guess that's a given since it's this week's pick.
It also is on my life soundtrack.

1.) I love, love, LOVE Dave Matthews. Everything about him. Every song he's written, recorded, performed, sung, etc. If I had my way, he would sing this whole song. (Have I mentioned I'm not a big fan of country?)

2.) I love the lyrics. A reminder of the things that truly are important. The first verse is my favorite. I think I need to print it off and post it somewhere next to my bed.

3.) Aren't we all so lucky to be alive? I think so.

Read the lyrics.
Watch a video.
Watch a performance.
And here's some more Dave Matthews - just because.
And some more.

(Have I told you I love Dave Matthews?)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Samual Barber "Adagio for Strings"

For my first classical pick of the week, I have chosen "Adagio for Strings" by Samuel Barber. I love this piece deeply. Listen to it and I think you'll know why. It is painfully and hauntingly beautiful and overflowing with emotion. Everything I love about classical music.

I fell in love with this piece in high school. I played it in an All-State Orchestra (I think - I can't remember which orchestra) and then again in our high school orchestra. Pieces that I've played usually become my favorites. They become a part of me (or rather, I become of part of them) as I study, practice, and perform them. This is true of this piece as well. I can feel myself playing along as I listen. It brings to the surface the reason I am passionate about violin and orchestral work.

I fell in love with Samuel Barber as a composer in college. He is a remarkable man and an exceptional composer. He is a contemporary American composer who has written some true masterworks, Adagio for Strings being one of them, and arguably his greatest.

Read about the composer.
Read about the piece.